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It was $600,000 every launch, I just kept getting stuck every time, no matter what we did. No matter what strategies we implemented, no matter how many people would sign up for our free workshop leading into the launch, it did not matter. It was like, no matter what we just kept hitting the ceiling. 600,000, 600,000, 600,000. And then after I hired Makhosi and we did $1.85 million.


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The whole identity change has been tremendous. It’s really this uncovering of who I am, but also that I was always this person and just stepping into her.

Mya Pearle - Co-Founder of Ralia Retreats​

$206k revenue in only 6 weeks working less
than 15 hours a week!

Meadow Merry - Business Coach for Creatives

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I wore my work ethic as a badge of honor for over 18 years; just pushing, hustling, forcing.

The moment I shifted gears from hustle into flow and cleared the wall in my mind, opportunities began pouring in!

Kyle Brown - Wellness Sage​

I have balanced my entire life where finally I’m in control, I know how to get what I want out of life!

Kissy Denise - Millionaire Matchmaker + Influencer​

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I had a deep sadness because I was suppressing my Spirit & I couldn’t find joy.

Now, I have so much more clarity, my spiritual abilities have returned and my relationships have improved! I’m actually able to do so much more for others now that I’ve allowed my gifts to unfold!

Thandeka Zulu - Intuitive Healer​

I felt like I wasn’t fulfilling my potential & wanted to find myself. Now I make 2X what I made before, have more flexibility & things just flow to me!

I even got engaged within a year of setting the intention because I didn’t dwell on ‘making’ it happen!

Whitney Smith - Director of Human Resources​

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It was hard for me to fully reach the goals I set, partly because I was holding so much weight to them, to the point I was constantly stressed.

Now, I’ve learned how to stay calm & level-headed when challenges come up and I’m able to see the bigger picture.

Margaret Osborne - Top Realtor​

Since working with Makhosi, I have manifested my goal of a 1 million dollar launch!

Kathrin Zenkina - Manifestation Expert & Master Mindset Coach​

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It’s been a full identity shift. Makhosi helped me find the proof, that I already had inside me, that I am capable of running the 7 figure business I had built. I no longer have imposter syndrome. And now I am attracting really, really big opportunities right now and I am seeing myself in places that I thought I wasn’t going to be for 5 – 6 years, in the next year or 2.


Makhosi was able to help decondition my mind. I am now more aware that my mind is creating a story and that I can consciously choose how I see certain situations in my life. It means that patterns that have been continually presenting themselves in my life, particularly surrounding money, that I have been unable to escape until now, are now changing. I currently have more money now than I have ever had.


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