Energetics of Euphoria

Today, I want to take you on a journey of discovery. It isn’t always easy or pleasant to face the truth about who we are, but it’s worth it.

So let’s go!

I want you to think of a situation where your emotions got out of control. How did it go? What triggered the start of the reaction? After thinking through this, I’m sure you’re hoping next time you encounter a similar situation, it won’t be as bad. 

And you’re probably glad when you survived the episode, grateful it’s finally over and that you’re feeling better. This, my friend, is not a fun roller coaster to live on.

But we aren’t done yet… NOPE, not even close.

Now, think of the last time you felt a wave of emotion over stuff that was happening in your country. Things that were way, way out of your control. Maybe it was all over the news, or maybe you experienced it first hand (and goodness knows there’s a LOT of those shenanigans happening these days, amiright??)

What were the emotions that you felt?

I want you to feel the emotion, experience it, and let it flow through you

You see, there are always going to be things beyond your control. You can only control what YOU choose to focus on. So now, ask yourself, what energy are you bringing to the table? How is your energy serving?

We’re all part of a collective, and we are all co-creating the reality that we live in. So rather than being mad at the reality, think about this:

How do you take the energy around you and focus on what YOU want to create in the world?

In doing this, you are creating your reality.

YES, that is what co-creation is all about. It is allowing yourself to see and feel what is really happening in the world (don’t ignore or bypass that!), and then focusing on what it is that you actually want to see.

Your emotions MATTER

I think we have ALL had situations where our emotions got the best of us. Often it’s because we didn’t realize what was happening until we were too far down the “emotional spiral” to stop.

Emotional energy manifests in the body in the form of physical sensations.

You can literally FEEL this energy.

This is why emotions are also thought of as feelings. For example, the energetic physical sensation may take the form of anger, where you feel your body prepares for action. Your breath gets heavy, heat rises, heart rate and blood pressure increase, muscles tense up, and stress hormones are released.  

Emotional energy generates a very perceivable biological reaction in our bodies that can overpower us unless we learn to master them.

WE are the Architects of our Emotions

We construct our emotions by making meaning or making sense of situations. We then make predictions using our past experiences and our collection of memories and responses. 

Therefore, we are the architects of our emotions and experiences. But this should not mean that we’re at the mercy of our emotions.

At its core, when we make meaning of something, it involves the process of how we understand, interpret, and make sense of it, along with the relationships within, and the understanding of ourselves. 

This can be either automatic or deliberate; an individual can make meaning of something unconsciously, without even being aware of it, or they can deliberately engage in the process to make sense of their situation.

Transmuting emotional energy

It is important to distinguish what emotional energy looks and feels like to increase your emotional awareness. 

Most people believe this looks like using their rational mind to analyze. Or they may talk about how they feel. Although this approach can bring initial awareness, it is not effective in the long run.

What happens in this approach is that you instead can hinder the process of expressing and managing emotions. In doing so, it keeps the emotional expression at the level of thought instead of energy movement. 

In order to successfully express emotion, you have to move your emotional energy. And that can’t be done with just thinking!! YOU MUST ALSO FULLY FEEL…IN YOUR BODY.

Remember, there are no wrong emotions.  All emotions are valid and provide you information about where you are focusing your energy.  Like a gas gauge on your car, your emotions are indicators telling you where you are on the vibrational spectrum. 

“Managing” our emotions

The Latin derivative for the word emotion, ‘emotere’, literally means energy in motion. Often, our negative emotions can be extremely intense. They overwhelm us and can cause us to be in a negative state of existence. 

This is especially true when dealing with trauma triggers, which are essentially stored-up muscle/nervous system memories that keep playing on repeat…keeping you stuck in an endless loop.

Knowing how to master your emotions will enhance your life greatly….and disrupt the endless loops you can stay stuck in. 

What we think of as emotion is the experience of energy moving through the body. This is generally felt as sensations of contraction such as tension or expansion such as calm. 

So why am I telling you all of this technical psycho-babble? Because it’s leading up to the JUICY stuff, which is also one of my best tools for helping people become masters of their emotions (and therefore, of their LIVES)…

Here is a brief explanation of how I lead people through the Energetics of Euphoria:

1. Awaken your consciousness

Your body, emotions, and brain can actually operate without consciousness. Your whole being has cleverly evolved to cope with the environments and situations you find ourselves in. So basically, consciousness of mind, body, and emotions is optional, you don’t NEED it for survival. But to thrive, well you need an awakened mind. It is the vessel for real and lasting transformation. Whether this is to transform your life or to transform your relationships, or even your business, this awakening can only happen when we can truly appreciate the reality of a situation and resolve to seek a better way forward. In other words, it means getting real about what’s real and not bypassing it. Only then can the multitude of solutions become more apparent and available to you.

2. Experience your emotions without being hindered by them

Feeling our emotions is an important part of life, but it is what we do with them that can create problems. Emotional overwhelm happens when the intensity of your feelings overpowers your ability to manage them. When you find yourself riding the wave of emotion, it is important not to dismiss those feelings. Emotions are sometimes like naughty children, in need of attention! Once we recognize them, we allow them to be seen and have a voice. And when we validate our emotions, we become more aware and accepting of them. Only then do we actually begin to understand where they come from. It’s only in this place of awareness that we can see what power they may hold over us. 

3. View a situation as a stepping stone rather than an obstacle

Obstacles are often a stepping stone. They are another chance to look at the situation in another way or perspective. When we face a problem or obstacle we try and look for ways to tackle it, we try new initiatives and strategies which we hope will solve the problem.

What is important to remember is that it is only the way we think and perceive things that makes a situation difficult or negative. If we view obstacles as another opportunity to conquer our fears and problems, negative thoughts will never master us.

Accepting life’s challenges is the beginning of a new process for true success, despite facing uncertain or difficult situations. It is an opportunity to plan, analyze and execute new ways to attain success in your life. Don’t be afraid to face these obstacles, as they will help you grow and flourish into a more mature and powerful individual. In other words, you have to USE the obstacles to actually GROW stronger from them!

4. Activation – to bring the non-physical into the physical world

Manifesting is the ability to create what you want in your life. Like a magnet, the energy of your thoughts and emotions draw things, people, and experiences to you. Whatever you focus on, negative or positive, will come into your life. Manifesting is a deliberate creative process of creating consciously.

The manifesting process starts with the thought and then the emotion. The reason I delve into emotions is that your thoughts and emotions work together to manifest reality.

Thoughts are like a magnet, attracting that which matches the same vibration. Your emotions energize your thoughts and transfer them from the non-physical world, into the physical. Basically, you ARE what you repeatedly FEEL and then THINK. 

People often think it’s magic, but by now, you know it’s simply a process! A process anyone can master, it just takes commitment.

Want to learn more?

This is a quick breakdown of what I do in the Energetics of Euphoria paradigm, and how I guide people to discover these truths within themselves. You have this same ability, but maybe you’ve just forgotten the power you hold.

I’m here to remind you of your divine nature and your ability to master your emotions to work FOR you and your expansion, and not to continue blocking you or stay looped into your own suffering.

Wanna know more? Head over to www.theroyalshaman.com to learn more about the work that I do with seekers like you.