DIVINE ORACLE for Elite Empire Builders, Architect of Euphoric Evolution and World‑Renowned TRANSFORMATIONAL Speaker

Makhosi Nejeser is the world’s leading Human Potential & Soul Ascension Master.

A fully-initiated Zulu African Shaman and student of Ancient Egyptian Spirituality by way of the Dogon Mystery Schools, she possesses an undeniable ability to awaken the world’s Highest Achievers from the Sleepwalk of Success…

Where Does One Go After Conquering the World?

This is the question Makhosi found herself asking

Having accomplished every possible goal — wealth, status, a life of
luxury, and comfort —
she identified two paths forward

The Stagnant Status Quo of Always Striving for More


The Fearless Unknown of a Life Beyond Accomplishment

Makhosi accepted the invitation to STEP BLINDLY INTO EUPHORIA, and now, she is our MODERN ORACLE for Elite Empire Builders, Showing them the way to their own Euphoric Evolution


It is a place of

Indescribable Magic, Limitless Depth, Staggering Genius

A place where INFINITE POTENTIAL, MIRACLES & PLEASURE Become The Daily Reality

Makhosi leaves all who enter her presence with a taste of Euphoria —

Are you ready to indulge?

Explore Exclusive Partnerships & Aligned Collaborations

Makhosi the Royal Shaman is open to select partnerships with individuals and brands who desire

Passion, Prosperity, Paradigm Disruption, Spiritual Authenticity and Limitless Possibility

She breaks down complex spiritual ideas that our Ancestors knew and lived, making them approachable and relevant to the world’s most successful business leaders, conscious visionaries, and rebellious change-makers.




The same energy she brings to her 1:1 clients flows through her lively, pattern-disrupting presentations, permeating the audience with spiritual and practical possibilities

Does Makhosi’s message resonate with you and your audience?

You May Be Selected for a Partnership With The Royal Shaman

Makhosi exudes a magnetic and spiritually seductive presence that is irresistible to everyone around her. Her over two decades of public speaking + performance experience in leadership and sales training, combined with her deeply aligned spiritual connection to the ENERGETICS OF EUPHORIA, CREATES A POWERFUL IMPACT, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Her speaking flirts with the intersection of self-actualization, spirituality, and personal development, with an ALWAYS-ENGAGING, OFTEN-SASSY EDGE. Makhosi seduces her audiences with an overflow of pattern-disrupting, TRANSFORMATIONAL REVELATIONS and sometimes-uncomfortable Truths designed to awaken an inner desire deep within each person who enters her orbit.

Makhosi’s brand collaborations magnetize new fans into enthusiastic action, as her followers hang on every word, hoping for a taste of the LIMITLESS POTENTIAL SHE HAS SO MASTERFULLY OBTAINED.

Please note: Makhosi is highly selective of her partnerships and speaking opportunities,
only participating in those that are fully aligned with her soul’s mission.

Should you wish to engage with Makhosi on your stage or platform,
please reach out to her media team at

Her team will review your information and reach out should Makhosi wish to proceed.