Tapping into your Supernatural Abilities

Who doesn’t love a good superhero movie every now and then?

The story of an ordinary person, an extraordinary transformation, overcoming personal conflict, and then emerging strong, powerful, and undefeated.

It’s juicy AND empowering stuff!

In fact, all the superheroes who star in the movies have a hidden gift.

A gift that they are born with or one that destiny bestows upon them.

With this gift, comes incredible power.

The power to change lives, for better or for worse.

The superheroes are usually prompted by the bad guys of the movie to act, and to learn how to harness their power, and to go through their own dark night of the soul.

And then, the part that we love:

The unknowing hero comes out transformed, much like caterpillars turning into butterflies, and they become even stronger and more powerful than they thought they were.

Why do we love these movies so much?

I believe it’s because we resonate with the underlying theme – the superheroes found their purpose and their meaning through discovering and mastering their gifts. We too, yearn for knowing our purpose in life, to live with meaning.

How do you master your supernatural abilities?

By learning how to harness the power of your supernatural abilities, you are able to shape your own destiny. 

And with that mastery, you can discover that abundance is within your grasp in every area you can imagine, including finances, success, relationships, health, and happiness.

And the good news – we all have unique gifts and superpowers that we are born with. The even better news – you can master your supernatural abilities! Unfortunately most of the time we don’t even realize it and are unaware of our potential. We are not taught in school to learn and use supernatural intelligence. We don’t talk about it or teach it because, for the most part, people are not aware of it.

Supernatural intelligence

What if I told you that there’s knowledge inside of you that you can trust; more than Google, your parents, or best friend?

A knowledge that could actually be seen as a supernatural ability, one you were born with and have been denying your whole life?

What if you could use that supernatural wisdom to discern when a loving romantic partner, a lucrative job or project or loyal friends (or enemies) show up in your life?

Think back to a time where you were at a crossroad, and had to make a decision about a relationship, work project or acquaintance which you deeply knew was a bad idea but you did it anyway.

How did it turn out?

My guess is your answer is “not that great” and I have news for you, my friend:

You may have been tapping into your intuition (yup, your intuition is your superpower, for real!)  but not listening to it!

  • Intuition is your ability to know something without proof or conscious reasoning, or without understanding how that knowledge came to you.
  • Intuition is about tuning into knowledge deep within us and beyond the mind.
  • Intuition is found in an expanded state of awareness, beyond the logic and the natural ‘smarts’ of the mind. The mind knows only past experiences and future projections. With intuition, we access the deep unknown, we tap into ancient wisdom.

For me, intuition is like my inner compass that goes beyond logic, time, and space. Operating from this place has so much more ease! It’s a place of supernatural effortlessness and spontaneity.

You see, with access to unlimited information and being immersed in an analytical, data-driven society, we tend to train ourselves to respond to modern life by logically crunching the facts and figures.

We live in a society that puts a lot of emphasis on the material/physical realm, what makes logical sense to our mind that is connected to the physical plane. We focus on what we see, hear, perceive, and can comprehend. But the sad news is…

The physical dimension is the LOWEST level of intelligence available to us

In ancient cultures and from an energetic perspective, what happens in the physical realm is the lowest level of consciousness. In ancient spiritual mystery schools and systems, it was understood that anything that relied on mental, logical, and analytical intelligence was considered the lowest intelligence that a human could access.

Even the most brainy, brilliant genius was considered to be at the lowest level of true KNOWING and wisdom.

BUT, the gift of intuition is the gateway for us to bring into the physical realm  ALL the possibilities that exist within the spiritual realm. 

Intuition is considered the highest form of intelligence because it comes from a domain that can’t be logically analyzed and mentally figured out. 

We have been taught  that everything in life, including our own consciousness, should move linearly. 

But the supernatural ability of intuition works entirely differently. With intuition, you receive insights and subtle clues that allow you to evolve and move at a higher, faster, more ‘in flow’ type of way.

This ‘quantum leap’ so to speak, stems from living your life in a way that relies on your intuition, accomplishing things that someone relying just on logical, rational thought would struggle to achieve for a very long time. 

Developing your intuition is the secret to going from stalled and mediocre survival to experiencing a life of exceptional success.

For example, a client of mine used to have $600k launches, and in a short span of time, only 4 months, after tapping into her gift of intuition, is now celebrating launches of $1.85 million. 

That is a quantum leap, that is working with the fabric of reality and bending time! That is doing what would take someone a decade if they stuck to the linear, logical path.But in just a few months, my client achieved these leaps! 

Part of this success didn’t rely on her DOING more though, it involved the simple (but never easy!) energy of surrender – not hustling, but allowing things to happen.

Move in flow

Everything in the universe is moving in flow. There is an energetic river that is endlessly moving. You can paddle upstream and fight the current, or you can hop in at an angle, and just glide.

While the hustle mentality is celebrated in our society, it doesn’t always lead to the best results. But if we can LET GO, and LET FLOW, those quantum leaps can finally occur. 

Some quantum leaps can literally be leaps to a better future. We are capable of taking hundreds of quantum leaps in any given day, making decisions that seem inconsequential or small at the time, yet have the collective power to entirely transform our lives.

So how do we get started?

All we have to do is become aware of the present moment – your emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations. BE HERE NOW, as the saying goes.

Once we silence the inner chatter of the mind and step out of the never-ending narrative of the ego, we are able to listen to the inner voice, our intuition…our superpower!

We are then able to focus on our soul which holds all the answers we need, and gain wisdom from sources that transcend time (such as wisdom from our ancestors and spirit team).

Some great saints and masters who have graced this earth have made tremendous use of intuitional powers and abilities. For as long as we humans have been embarking on spiritual journeys, we’ve relied on the guidance of spiritual teachers. 

The hallmarks of a genuine spiritual teacher are wisdom, kindness, spiritual power, and humility. And YOU have access to wise teachers too! They are within you, and walking with you, always!

So ask yourself: What questions do you have? Where in life do you need guidance? 

The key to awakening your intuitive supernatural power is to change your vibration, your brain wave frequency, to the same frequency as your soul.  

When you achieve alignment with your inner awareness, then you will have access to and awaken your hidden powers.

That is the secret to incredible transformation.