You Are Impact

Today, society is based on the hyper-individualistic, “me-centered” paradigm.

And I mean no harm by saying this, friends! Don’t get me wrong here!

But let’s understand what I mean by this:

“Hyper” – from the Greek “huper,” meaning over, beyond. “Individualism” – the stance or philosophy that values the moral worth of the individual as well as independence and self-reliance. 

Basically, this means that everyone believes they live in their own world, where their actions do not really impact anything or anyone else, unless they are intended to.

The truth is that literally every life form, every speck of dust down to the smallest subatomic particle is influenced by the world through the various forces that act upon it. 

The world around us is quantumly entangled, and we are no exception. 

Everything is energy, and everything is connected to everything else. The water in the ocean and the clouds in the sky. The trees and the animals. You, me, and everything that exists. Everything comes from the same source and returns to it. 

It’s friggin’ AMAZING!

Thoughts and feelings are energy as well, so everything we think and feel has an influence on everything and everyone on this planet. To exist, to be in the universe, means that every particle in the universe feels some pull and push from the various forces around it, otherwise it simply doesn’t exist. 

According to universal law and the science of quantum physics, everything in the universe is fundamentally made of pure energy.  

This energy is constantly moving, oscillating, and vibrating at different speeds. Though we have flesh and bones, we, too, are essentially just energy moving at a rapid pace, and that energy has a vibrational frequency. Perhaps you’ve never thought about your frequency before, but it impacts every aspect of your life.

You create your own reality, and like attracts like. 

By the law of attraction, you magnetize or repel all experiences, people, and circumstances into your life (even ones that seem to be coincidental or accidental!) 

Just like radio waves that are heard clearly but are unseen, your vibrational frequency stems from your cumulative thoughts, emotions, and consciousness, and is continually being broadcast out into the universe. 

This broadcast then attracts similar experiences, people, and opportunities—good or bad. A high vibration attracts more high frequency, spiritually uplifting, or “positive” experiences in life. A low vibration attracts the opposite.

But wait! This isn’t a way to bypass your painful experiences or guilt trip you…or a way to shift the blame onto you…this is a key to your freedom.

Keep reading…it will make more sense!

Creation happens in the void

Feminine energy, in its essence, is space. This is how it exists in nature, this is how it was designed to operate. This space, this “emptiness”, is the womb from which everything emerges from. 

It’s the source of the fabric of reality and the physical…of everything and anything that ever was or ever will be. And true creation happens in this void of seeming eternal and infinite Nothingness. 

When a person is surrendering to the feminine flow of all life, they will discover that the actual changes they are seeking are made when it looks like not much is really going on. They are floating in the womb of all creation, and it’s not something that can be forced, done, or otherwise HUSTLED into being.

Whether it’s in your business, in running your home, or raising your children – at different times and while doing different tasks, you will use either masculine energy or feminine energy. When you’re leading, taking action, or getting things done, you’re using masculine, or yang energy. 

But when you’re creating, nurturing, or tapping into your inner being, you’re aligning yourself with the divine feminine energy.

We have the freedom to make choices every day that contribute to the world around us, and to our own sense of balance and well being.  As we move through our day, we send energy into the world and we receive energy back. All objects in the universe, including human bodies, are composed of energy.  That energy is the foundation of all matter, and exchanges with everything else.  The same energy that composes one person, composes all people.  Energy is always flowing, always changing. These energy vibrations resonate within us and impact our own energy stores.

This is why we may feel happy, calm and cheerful in the presence of some people, but cold, anxious and unsettled around others. 

We carry that energy with us, and it impacts not only us but all the other people we come in contact with. “Good” energy can boost our feelings of well-being, dissolve feelings of anxiety and improve communication. “Bad” energy results in feelings of discord, conflict and resentment. 

You cannot compartmentalize your being

While we assert our individuality as human beings, we must realize that we live our lives in relation to others.  

The behavior and moods of others affect and influence our thoughts, our emotional states, and our actions.  As social beings, we cannot separate ourselves from those with whom we live and work.  From a neuroscience perspective, we are all connected brain to brain and cell to cell.

As you interact with your co-workers, friends and families, consider the impact you have on them at a cellular level.  You must consciously master your own feelings and emotions to create good spirits, improve everyone around you, and improve your surroundings.

Consider your life choices and how they affect your being

Think about this down to a basic level. If you really want to live consciously and on purpose, you’ll realize that every decision you make has an impact. 

For example, consider your food. It becomes you. It becomes all of us. It becomes your cells, your blood, your tissue and your organs. Food becomes your thoughts, because your brain is an organ. 

If you look at how food grows, you have foods that grow down into the earth and foods that grow up out of the earth. The food that grows down into the earth is gathering all the minerals of the earth. That’s a very grounded material and if we eat that particular food, it has that energetic effect on us. 

On the other hand, foods that are growing up out of the earth, like leafy greens, they’re breathing for the trees, they’re rich in chlorophyll. That affects our energy in a different capacity.

Like I said earlier, everything is connected through energy. Everything dances (or stagnates) around and through us. The mind wanders, thoughts arise. How we are being; the place we are ‘coming from’ aka our state of consciousness, can really affect the reality we are creating.

When we become present, everything changes. 

Being present means that we are in the moment, here and NOW. It means we are open and connected by the law of universal life force energy. It means that this universal life energy is in turn infused into everything around us.

You are ALWAYS making an impact

I am just here to remind you of that which you innately know already. 

Whether or not you realize it, everything you do, say, or even think – it all has an impact. Not just on the people in your life, but on the world around you. The more consciously you live, the more aware you are of the food you eat, the conversations you have, the choices you make, what you buy, and how you treat the earth’s resources, the more chance you have to make a positive impact that will lead to a healthier, more sustainable future for everyone.

None of this is about being perfect. It’s about being committed to having an open mind and heart. It takes time to cultivate these qualities. It’s about being committed to this moment right now.

How you spend your time, who you spend it with, the ideas you think about, your actions, and the words you speak – all of these will have a powerful impact on your health and wellbeing.