I help high-achievers tap into ancient spiritual wisdom in a modern, practical way that resonates with people from all walks of life to create satisfying success in the real world consciously. 

I’m Makhosi Hefisah Nejeser,

I work privately with a select handful of clients to develop a potent pathway to a sacred and soul-fulfilling life in pure & straightforward ways.


Pursue Your Potent Purpose, Beyond KPIs, Beyond the Practical, Beyond the Myth of Busy Equals Success;



I’m here to summon your sovereignty.

 I’m here to help you step into authentic alignment with your deepest inner essence.

 I’m here to show you life beyond external approval cycles.

 I’m here to help you shift into being fully self-expressed, in your essence, who you truly are, and fully accept this evolving version of yourself.

 Then, your life becomes joyful and fully flowing as you’re building your dreams and business, not just someday when it’s all done.

 Because this is a Journey of Self-Discovery, and it’s never done.

Source of ancient wisdom & prophetic discernment.
 Royal Shaman and HIGH PRIESTESS of Euphoria.

If you are ready for Euphoric Evolution, to expand beyond success, in business, in self and in every particle of your being, apply now to become a Conscious Royal.



An Unlikely Start

Born in Nitro, WV to teen Mom, living on food stamps & in severe poverty. There were times when dinner was a can of beans on a kerosene stove because that’s all we could afford.


Visions Emerged Early

Started sharing about past life in Ancient Egypt & seeing Spirits.


The Research Begins

Began studying Ancient Egypt through any book I could get my hands on.


The Entrepreneurial Seed

My first entrepreneurial experience selling rhubarb pies with my Amish Mennonite Aunt at the market.


Magic Discovered by Necessity

My awakening began when I was gifted my 1st tarot deck by a friend, started doing readings at my middle school & studying the occult. One of my abusers apologized to me which sparked my interest in human behavior & psychology, trying to understand the root causes/patterns. This was the year I asked for my first cell phone & to compete in pageants; because we couldn’t afford it, my mother tells me I’ll need to create a way to pay for it. I pitch myself & start tutoring elementary students in Math & English.


The Entertainer Blossoms

In order to continue paying for my teenage habits, I became a professional entertainer, traveling with a DJ company every weekend to perform at bar/bat mitzvahs & wedding receptions.


Tragedy Births Intuitive Discovery

My best friend, Christi, is murdered by her boyfriend a week after we returned from a beach vacation. I warned her a few days before of something bad coming with him. As the sun set on the day of her death, she appeared at the end of my bed to let me know that she was ok and moving on. This was when I stopped doubting the nonphysical realm. Following her transition to the other side, I spent a year in silence, observing & perceiving this reality.


Deep Lessons Awakened by The Body

I experienced a strange accident (fell off the back of a stage) and my “calling sickness” began. I spent the next decade going doctor to doctor, treatment to treatment trying to resolve the deep bone pain, migraines, severe brain fog, weight loss, collapse of my immune system & extreme allergies manifesting. I start learning & working in jewelry sales.


The Hustler Knows How

I turn 18 & move out the next day. I then attend college & to put myself through school, work full time in a variety of roles: mattress sales, retail management, cocktail server, home health & marketing for small businesses.


The Miracle Baby

I struggled with various treatments for a year to get pregnant and after a miraculous pregnancy announcement on my way to surgery, I struggle to stay pregnant. I spend 6 of the 9 months on bedrest. 3 days after my son, Aydin, is born, Spirit wakes me up at 4 am and tells me to “Get up. Get Dressed. Go to the Hospital.” I’m immediately admitted with blood pressure in the comatose levels & spend 5 days after developing postpartum, pre-eclampsia. 


A Step Away from “Success”

I graduate with two Bachelor’s degrees (one in Marketing Management and the other in Business) along with my prerequisites for Medical School. I decide not to go to Med School so I can spend more time with my son. I leave my job as a server at Red Lobster to work as a manager at Target. 


A Pivot From Status Quo

I leave Target and become a Pure Romance consultant. Within 9 months, I achieved President’s Club (top 1%) . Despite the success, awards & luxury trips, I discover that the status quo isn’t actually fulfilling. I begin asking the Universe to guide me to my Calling. After a series of strange synchronicities, I find myself at an Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) ceremony & start my initiation in the Mystery School.


The Calling To Africa

I travel to West Africa for the first time & spend a month; the following trip was 3 months over 4 countries. On the second trip, I begin experiencing trance for the first time. My Calling Sickness becomes even more pronounced as my body struggles to contain the frequencies of the Ancestors & Divinities coming through. My spiritual sight grows exponentially & I begin to communicate directly with the Unseen.


The Visions Begin, A Shaman Emerges

After being the sole member of my class to complete their studies, I graduate & receive the name holding the frequency of my Destiny - Hefisah (meaning the God Saa/Sia, Divinity of Omniscience & Timing, watches over) Nejeser (Protector/Advocate of The Holy). I transition to doing marketing & sales for small businesses/nonprofits behind the scenes. I gain the ability to see & hear events on the other side of the world, what people are saying & doing, in real time through Visions.


The Spiritual Mother Appears

In Dreamtime, I’m taken underwater where I live & train for a year, sleeping, eating & working. I wake up and only one night passed. I have a vision of the woman who would become my spiritual mother.


The Royal Shaman, Finally On Her Throne

Through another series of synchronicities, I meet my Spiritual Mother & begin training to become a Zulu Shaman (Sangoma/Sanusi). I travel to South Africa to complete my initiations in 7 Spirits. I return home & open the doors to The Royal Shaman. Through another series of synchronicities, I meet my Spiritual Mother & begin training to become a Zulu Shaman (Sangoma/Sanusi). I travel to South Africa to complete my initiations in 7 Spirits. I return home & open the doors to... 


I have been summoned into and have accepted the role of being this generation’s royal ORACLE and Executive Consciousness Coach.

and Beyond

… A Source of ancient wisdom and prophetic discernment. 

Together with my team, visionary clients, and my guides, we are forging …

    A new paradigm of Euphoric Evolution,
    A new timeline of Infinite Possibilities,
    A new definition of Abundance Beyond Success.

Through high level one-on-one mentoring, group experiences, speaking, and live-guided transmission, I teach Wealth Energetics, Awakened Abundance, Conscious Business Growth, and Essence Identity. 

coming soon...

Author of Euphoric Evolution

“When you are in your essence, in flow, time does not exist.”

- Makhosi

Be taken to new heights, to new discoveries and success beyond your wildest dreams with The Royal Shaman.