Consciousness Quiz

Your Level of Consciousness is a lens on your life. Imagine wearing a pair of colored glasses that create a filter on how you see, perceive, and make meaning of the world around you.

When you’re creating from a place of limited consciousness, you may experience emotions like blame, jealousy, fear, and a high level of self-doubt. And there’s no shade here, we all start somewhere. We’re all here to grow in our own way.

The higher your level of Consciousness, the more you can see beyond the “obvious” meaning of every moment of your life.

Then, even the smallest moments become lessons and information for you to make better decisions and to connect with your inner guidance through your external world.

Consciousness is the state of being fully awake and attuned to one’s surroundings, where your mind is aware of itself, and your perception of any experience goes beyond the obvious.

The more elevated your level of consciousness and self-awareness, the more energetically aligned you will be with your Highest Potential. 

Uncover your current stage of consciousness,

Identify your current blockages, 

Define which steps you can take next to align with your Highest Potential!

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