It’s time for you to Receive & Experience

Doing Less to Receive More

This is an activation session to help you UNPLUG FROM THE HYPE OF HUSTLE and redefine your relationship with traditional SUCCESS METRICS to ACCESS TRUE INNER FREEDOM

Do you ever feel like you’re racing against a universal clock of success?

Are you frustrated with the constant pace of life required to maintain and grow to your next level?

Ready to do Things Differently?

I am known to my community as

I am a guide and oracle to highly prosperous, motivated, high-level innovators in the highest realms of life and business.

 I’ve noticed a deeply ingrained belief that to be a leader, to run a 7+ figure business, to be on stages etc., you MUST always be busy.

And the truth is, I’m rarely ever busy, and I still have the “all” that we are all seeking. One of my secrets has been my ability to keep myself very - unbusy.
In fact, I strive for boredom.

Getting stuck in the collective contract of “doing-ness” is very easy

Your True Currency is Beyond Time; it’s FREEDOM to Live Your TRUE ESSENCE

Guess What? They Have it All Backwards!

When you are in the most unique essence of yourself that you came here to be, you instantly disconnect from the socially constructed and accepted forms of getting things done, i.e.- bigger, better, faster → hustle mode.

Instead, you create from who you are being; the timeless you who knows doing more and hustling harder is simply an outdated life and business construct.

Did you know that abundance in all its forms, including Money, flows easily when you work and create from your most unique essence? 

During The Luxury of Less activation session, you will:

Redefine your relationship
with boredom forever

Replace “I am so busy” with a new perspective that creates spaciousness

Create solid boundaries around what you choose to say YES and NO to

Begin reimagining your alliance with money in your business and life

Embrace the ability to ask for and receive the type of support you are seeking

Understand the critical importance of integration vs learning more and more

Learn the true frequency of MONEY

entrepreneurs, trail-blazers, change-makers, & conscious thought leaders who are ready 

to go beyond the traditional measures of external success 

and instead operate from a place of authentic expression of your unique essence.

You will receive instant access to the Luxury of Less activation session

AND to help you integrate and embody this new future, you will receive a beautifully designed workbook 

Filled with reflection prompts and questions to help you remove anything that is in the way of you giving yourself permission to Do Less & Receive More in your daily life, your business, and how you show up to the relationships in your life.

If You DESIRE To...

Unleash your highest potential,

Disconnect from the fallacy of ‘this is how business is done’,

Understand the value of boredom and nothing-ness,

Discover how to embody doing less and receive more,

And Practice the art of aligned boundary setting.

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Makhosi leads Elite Empire Builders, Iconoclastic Influencers, and Achievers of the Highest Order; 

those for whom anything is possible and everything is achievable, to seek answers to the ultimate question:

How Can I BE in My True Essence?

as seen in

“When you are in your essence, in flow, time does not exist.”

- Makhosi

Royal Shaman and HIGH PRIESTESS of Euphoria

Makhosi is this generation’s royal ORACLE,
source of ancient wisdom, and prophetic discernment.